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Over 30 million Americans suffer from type II diabetes and all combined, over 100 million American’s are either Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic. At Functional Health Center of the Carolinas, we provide patients with a revolutionary new perspective on Diabetes treatment and the ultimate reversal of the disease through Functional Medicine Protocols. This logical approach to healthcare individualizes patient treatment, thereby discovering the initial cause of disease. As opposed to symptomatic treatment with medications such as Metformin, Glipizide, Invokana, or even Insulin, functional medicine promotes stabilization of blood sugar and the ultimate lowering of Hemoglobin A1C to a normal range. This type of diabetes treatment is unavailable to most parts of the country, making it an extremely sought after treatment method.
The majority of type II diabetic sufferers answer yes to most if not all of the questions below. If you answer yes to any of these questions you may be a perfect fit for our cutting edge treatment methods.

  • Are you tired of taking a handful of pills every day?
  • Is your doctor's only plan for you increasing or adding new medication every time your A1C goes up?
  • Are you tired of injecting yourself multiple times a day to regulate your blood sugar?
  • Do the inevitable complications of diabetes worry you?
  • Are you lost in a world of conflicting diet and exercise advice with no results to show for it?
  • Do you feel like you are out of options to return to the person you were before diabetes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call us at 704-625-2994 or request a consultation to see if you qualify for our diabetes treatment program.

Patient Reviews

Destanee Bowles
I’m writing this review for my aunt who came to Dr. Riser. We attended one of his dinner events on Type II Diabetes to figure out how we could help my aunt get her blood sugar under control as she was on insulin and not making any progress. We left the dinner with our mouths wide open! It was information we had never heard about this disease and were willing to give it a shot. To say she is ecstatic about where her blood sugars are is an understatement. Dr. Riser truly gets to the bottom of health issues and was able to pinpoint why her diabetes symptoms were so out of control. I myself am now even a patient for wellness! Great staff and great practice.

Mary Claire Lane
I saw a couple videos Dr. Riser posted on Instagram and decided to check out the clinic. I already consider myself a fairly healthy individual but have a family history of cholesterol issues and diabetes so I wanted to be proactive and get testing as well as work exclusively with a Functional Medicine doctor on wellness. So far so good! I’ve been following recommendations for a couple months now and have a feeling 2019 will be my best year yet. Explosive energy and my lab work looks great! Thanks Dr. Riser.

Jill Ajaski
Great experience! The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Riser’s functional medicine approach to disease/health is what healthcare should be. He has true passion for getting to the route of health issues and has impressed me with his knowledge and confidence. The functional medicine approach involves a lot of lab testing, which is a good starting point to a treatment plan, but the patient’s input is a huge part of it and Dr. Riser truly listens, researches and adjusts to fine tune things to get you to your optimal health. I’ve been seeing Dr. Riser for 4 months and after my diagnoses of Hashimotos (thyroid/autoimmune disease) as well as severe adrenal fatigue, my symptoms have improved significantly. Through diet, supplements and lab testing, this approach combined with a great doctor has changed my life. From a chiropractic standpoint, Dr. Riser was able to eliminate my lower back pain in one session and no other Chiropractor was able to do that in one, let alone multiple sessions. I highly recommend anyone suffering from diabetes, thyroid issues, or just symptoms you just can’t get to the bottom of to contact Dr. Riser and invest in your health now! It’s well worth the investment and the time he spends with you is invaluable and cannot be compared to anything else.

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