“Test, Don’t Guess.”

Many struggle to figure out health challenges on their own. Often, they lack the resources and data needed to formulate a comprehensive plan. This is exactly why we place such an emphasis on comprehensive testing and detailed lab analysis. You need data to form a plan and move forward.

During your medical consultation, we will determine which tests are needed to assess your current health status. These results help us to provide you with a truly personalized treatment plan to ensure your continued success throughout your health journey.

Many of our test kits (e.g. urine, saliva, and stool collection) can be completed from the comfort of your own home. However, some of our panels do require a blood draw – these can easily be completed at any nationwide collection center. We will provide you with detailed instructions for all lab tests used throughout the course of your treatment.

Lab Testing We Offer

  • Comprehensive Functional Thyroid Panel
  • Comprehensive Functional Cholesterol and Lipid Panel
  • Comprehensive Functional Kidney and Liver Panel
  • Comprehensive Functional Iron and Ferritin Panel
  • Comprehensive Functional Blood Sugar and A1C Panel
  • Comprehensive Autoimmune Reactivity Panel
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis (Serum, Saliva, and Urinary)
  • Comprehensive Organic Acid Testing
  • Female Hormone Testing (Serum, Saliva, and Urinary)
  • Male Hormone Testing (Serum, Saliva, and Urinary)
  • Food Sensitivity and Antigen Cross Reactivity Testing
  • Wheat/Gluten Reactivity and Celiac Testing
  • Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Stool Analysis
  • Functional Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay
  • IBS/IBD Antigen Analysis
  • SIBO Breath Testing
  • Comprehensive Parasitology
  • Neurological Autoimmune Reactivity Screening
  • Joint Autoimmune Reactivity Screening
  • Antigenic Intestinal Permeability Screening
  • Pathogen Induced Immune Reactivity Screening
  • Comprehensive Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping
  • Kryptopyrroluria (KPU) Disorder
  • Comprehensive Saliva and Urinary Adrenal Assessment
  • Saliva and Urinary Cortisol Assessment
  • Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability
  • Environmental Induced Toxicity
  • Heavy Metal & Mercury Toxicity
  • Comprehensive Genetic Analysis
  • Lyme Disease, Coinfections, & Biotoxins
  • Mold, Aflatoxins, & Mycotoxins

Patient Reviews

M. Horvat
Dr. Riser and Mike have been absolutely amazing! I went to them a few months ago just miserable and trying to avoid the dreaded hormone replacements. After running some tests we were able to see exactly what was going on and I was shocked. They have worked with me the past few months to make some small changes with a huge impact. I highly suggest reaching out to them to have a consultation to see what they can do for you too!

L. Young
I am so grateful to Dr. Riser and the team at FHCC. They have helped me tremendously with my overall wellness. The lab work was very thorough and answered a lot of questions and unknowns about symptoms I have experienced over the years. They are always warm, friendly, kind, and courteous. I felt like Dr. Riser really listened to my concerns and worked with me to understand the root cause of issues. I highly recommend this practice!

B. Williams
After many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight and reverse my diabetes with other medically-supported programs, I was beyond thrilled to find Dr. Corey Riser who helped me achieve these seemingly impossible-to-attain goals. Dr. Riser provided me with the guidance, materials, and products to be successful. I am indebted to him and his staff for assisting me in being successful.

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