How much does a membership cost?

Individual Adult ages 17 to 39
Individual Adult ages 40 to 64
Individual Adult ages 65 and older

*$127 initiation fee for all new patients includes basic labs and the first month of care

All lab work, medications, imaging, aesthetic injectables, testing, and procedures are billed at a discounted wholesale rate. Basic labs included at no cost to patient in membership fee. Billing will always be discussed prior to administration.

“Any attempt at reforming the current healthcare system should be focused on lower cost and better patient experience, health outcomes, and provider experience.”
- Dr. Thomas. Bodenheimer, Harvard Medical School Graduate, 32 years in primary care

“Primary care without the hassle or the bills.”

Healthcare in the United States is becoming increasingly more complex, drastically more expensive, and markedly more frustrating.

Even routine physicals are becoming a burden. Patients feel rushed and unheard in the conventional medical model where physicians often have less than 10 minutes per visit.

Money spent on health care is accelerating exponentially, and chronic disease is the main culprit. In fact, 90% of the $3.5 trillion spent on health care costs in the United States are for disease management and treatment.

Sixty percent of adults under the age of 65 and ninety percent of those over 65 currently live with at least one chronic illness. That number has doubled since 1980 and will only continue to grow as Americans continue to struggle with their health.

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It is estimated that by 2040, 1 of every 3 dollars spent in the United States will be on health care.

Our team has been working behind the scenes to solve this problem with a new and innovative solution: direct primary care.

What if you could see your doctor on the same day you called to schedule an appointment, spend as much time as you need discussing all your concerns, and not have to anxiously wait for an overly inflated medical bill in the mail weeks later?

Welcome to the future of healthcare.

While most primary care physicians may have thousands of patients, our model is designed to keep our patient volume low and quality of care high.

As such, we set aside extra time to get to know our patients, therefore serving their best interests.

Best of all, the direct primary care model saves you time and money with fewer appointments so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Our clinic exists not only to help you when you’re sick, but to also teach you how to stay healthy each and every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay for DPC when I have insurance?

Our discounted pricing on labs and procedures is less than what you pay through your health insurance. Some are even free through DPC. If you have a high deductible plan that you rarely meet, DPC can save you out of pocket expenses. Our job is to take care of 90% of your healthcare needs; you’ll only need your high deductible or catastrophic insurance plan for the other 10%.

Do I need to keep my insurance?

It is recommended that you keep a medical plan in case of catastrophic events or hospitalizations. High deductible plans, catastrophic plans, and cost sharing plans will likely save you the most money when paired with a DPC membership.

The conventional medical model is based on disease management via symptom regulation. Labs and medications are provided only if dictated by the insurance provider. Therefore, medical providers are often limited by insurance as to how much time they can spend with patients, which tests can be performed, and what treatment options are available.

As a result, we do not actively accept insurance or Medicare. Our providers instead choose to spend more time with patients and test what is needed, rather than what is permitted.

How frequent are my visits and how often can I talk to my provider?

Accessibility is our priority and one of the major benefits of DPC. You can send your provider a direct message at any time without having to go through other office personnel. Tired of waiting weeks to see your primary care doctor? Not an issue with DPC. Experience the ease of same week appointments. Your membership price includes an annual physical, lab work, sick and well visits, and a discounted rate on our functional medicine and aesthetic services, if desired.

What if I am already a patient of Functional Medicine?

What better continuity of care can you imagine? Our providers will consult to make sure your functional medicine and primary care needs are in alignment. You will continue to have access to both providers whose interest in your individualized and timely care is priority.

What do I need to bring to my initial appointment?

We request that patients bring any recent lab work completed within the last 6-12 months. Additional diagnostic testing may be needed, but prior results can help to establish a baseline and rule out contributing factors. Please ensure that you have completed all the necessary intake forms prior to your appointment.

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course! We’ll schedule your appointment at a time when your spouse, significant other, or support system can come with you. This consultation is going to be the start of a life-changing journey, so we encourage you to bring anyone who helps you make health care decisions.

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