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What our patients are saying about us.


“Dr. Riser was directly responsible for my care and program that improved my over all health. He was always interested in my progress, continually made adjustments to assist me, he was always professional and thoroughly enjoy [our] relationship.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Riser for just over a year because I am diabetic and I wanted to get off of my many medicines. At least one of them can cause pancreatic cancer and that scared me. When I first met Dr. Riser, I was impressed by his professionalism. Later, I realized just how smart he was when it comes to foods and natural medicines that helped me eliminate the majority of my medications. I am sure that I will be able to eliminate all of them if I continue following his regimen, which I intend to do. Dr. Riser knows his chosen field very well and that inspired me with confidence to know I could succeed. I finally have a waist and I feel so much better than I did when I first met Dr. Riser. I gladly drove the 3-hour drive to his office weekly, because I knew I was in capable, concerned hands. He is truly a professional and a doctor I can trust.”


“I highly recommend Functional Health Center of the Carolinas. I was skeptical at first but with Dr. Riser’s help my disabled husband lowered ALL of his blood work into normal range. Very impressed! Thank you, Dr. Riser.”

Lindsey T

“Dr. Riser helped to change my life. Highly recommend!!”

Lindsey T