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Why this workout is a HIIT

Why This Workout Is A HIIT

If you're under the impression that you don't have time in your busy work/social schedule to exercise and become a healthier person, well I feel bad for you, but I'm also going to give you a much needed kick in the butt.

This butt kicking comes in the form of HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT has been around for awhile but is a relative newcomer in the exercise regiment of Joe Schmo. Here's the breakdown: periods of all-out exercise followed by periods of "active rest". For instance, 30 sec of an all out sprint followed by 2 min of jogging. Repeat for 10-20 min and you're done!

The theory of HIIT dives into our body's fight-or-flight mechanisms. When a frightening situation happens (a saber-toothed tiger chasing our ancestors), physiological mechanisms activate that produce power and speed. On a cellular level, this means production of lean muscle and destruction of fat storage.

What does this mean for you? It means you can get in a killer workout in only 10-20 min. In fact, researchers at McMasters University put it to the test and concluded that just 20 min of HIIT produced more weight loss, growth hormone production, and increased insulin sensitivity as compared to 45 min of extended cardio. So forget your Hour Netflix binge on the eliptical/treadmill; it's not doing you any good (it may even promote fat storage).

Advice: Head down to the Light Rail Trail. Start out doing a 10 second sprint followed by 2 min of walking. 15 min later you'll have completed a full workout. Increase your intervals as you get more conditioned!