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Functional Health Center of the Carolinas is on the cutting edge of Functional Medicine for North and South Carolina. Our unparalleled treatment methods combined with the extensive knowledge of our physicians provides our patients with the care they need and deserve. Personalized treatment plans based on individual care is a priority of our Physicians. We provide a message of hope to the community of the Carolinas backed by years of real results. The key principles of promoting optimum health and the reversal of disease are what make us one of the most trusted functional medicine practices in the Carolinas.


We provide patients with a unique perspective on the treatment and ultimate reversal of disease. As opposed to symptomatic treatment with medications, our treatment promotes healing and proper functioning of all body systems in order to achieve optimum health.Learn More »

Chronic Fatigue

We use specific diagnostic testing to determine the stage of Adrenal Fatigue you are experiencing, and develop a customized treatment plan to get you sleeping better than you ever have; which also means more energy for your day!Learn More »


We look beyond the usual “TSH” and “Total T4” to properly assess your thyroid condition. Due to the overwhelming physical AND mental toll these disorders take on patients, our physicians have developed unique laboratory protocols and interpretations.Learn More »

Weight Loss

“Cookie-cutter” diet programs seldom work and are difficult to get through. We focus on YOUR specific physiological barrier to weight loss and provide you with a personalized weight loss program.Learn More »